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Peak Fit for Life is not just a Gym or a Fitness club, it is a warm, inviting atmosphere which has a community feel to it. Like-minded people come for professional supervision from one of our personal trainers.

That's why we love getting feedback like this from the Peak family!  


When at a stage (or weight) that it's time to visit a gym, there is plenty of choice. So Why Peak? Peak isn't like others who are large, filled with seriously complicated machines. Peak is less intimidating but still achieves the results. Large Gyms want your signature for a long period. Peak is honest about fees and the friendliness and welcome is nicer.
'Getting fit' is a balance between personal inclination, physical ability and cost. As a Personal Trainer, Natasha gives good advice on diet and general exercise. Our sessions combine understanding and helpfulness with firmness and encouragement. It is a gradual process but after even two months the benefit was obvious, along with a sense of achievement. That gives the best incentive to become fitter. 

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