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Thanks Mel for all your help this term with the nutrition programme and the regular weigh in's!!  After starting the year feeling pretty blah with a few extra kilos and some very bad eating habits, your encouragement and support has been awesome!!  The accountability was just what I needed to change a few things. I haven't felt like I was on 'a diet' as such, but more like creating some really good nutrition habits, along with good exercise habits. Definitely feel much better!! 

Sheree Hughes

Nutrition: Summer Shred.


Extrinsically motivated, Summer Shred was the perfect fit for me. Not only did the weekly weigh in’s keep me on track with my weight lose goals but the individual examination of my diet choices, with suggestions for improvement were personalised, realistic and easy to implement.


Ivy used her expertise to not only push me physically in my PT’s but also to offer a range of suggestions to jazz up my diet. Adding variation, more protein, apple cider vinegar (who would of thought!) to counter bloating were just a few ideas. Best of all, Ivy never passed judgement when poor decisions were made, but gave me encouragement at all times. A wealth of knowledge and energy, Ivy’s weekly session added to the accountability factor but mainly through her energy and honesty, did I achieve my goals.



Mel’s initial introduction included a range of simple strategies that I hadn’t considered before, such as having four hours between breakfast and lunch. Changing pasta to gluten free options. Small dose of protein post exercise. Planning out and cooking bulk meals to make life a little easier. All these little tricks have stayed with me.  Nutrition tips were not the only factor that helped me on my journey. Psychological triggers and stress relaxation tips were also given. ‘Find ways to avoid stress’ sounds so simple yet Mel’s advice on ridding stress from my life, increasing sleep and using exercise to relieve work-life tension, has worked wonders for my mental well-being.


I may have lost weight and met my goal but personally the biggest gains are the additional benefits. The well-being, my positivity, easier and deeper sleep and the conscious decision not to be stressed. I am motivated, I am energised, I enjoy my exercise. These are the positives of Summer Shred for me.


Personal training sessions:


Over the summer holidays I took up the opportunity of unlimited classes and the three Personal Training sessions, each 30 minutes long. Paired with Ivy, these have changed my attitude towards exercise. The 3 free sessions are now a regular of my training.


Ivy’s knowledge and technical understanding of functional movement is outstanding. Too often she identifies my cheating error ways, corrects me and makes it harder! I am pushed but only ever within my levels of fitness, pushing me beyond my strength thresholds.


No two sessions are the same. Ivy is encouraging and creative - and a little wacky! The 30 minutes fly by with a range of exercises that push me weekly. Today I was on a balance dot thing doing upper body lat flys and tricep flys! As I have grown stronger, so too has Ivy’s understanding of my needs and willingness to be challenged. So every session is exactly that; a challenge.


If you want to change your physic and attitude, get a PT. The short 30 minute sessions are affordable, intense and get the results! Personalised and targeting your needs, you won't get a better short fix work out than these.


Peak for life:


They say location, location, location is the key to house hunting…..I equate this to Peak for Life. Literally around the corner, this ‘gym’ differs from most. Based around classes for a range of fitness levels and a membership based on how many classes you attend, I have found the perfect gym for me. I wish I had started my fitness regime with Peak when I first came to Auckland.


The small classes are the key to the success and fun of P4L. And if variety is the spice of life, then Peak has 5 chillis! Each class, regardless of their title, are so different. From boxing, to circuits, to pair work, group challenges, running to the water or that bloody hill (you know the one I mean), each class is demanding yet so rewarding. And as the classes are small, all the instructors give technical feedback for us to improve and avoid any possible injuries.


Additionally due to the small class sizes and the professionalism of the instructors, there is a family or community feel to P4L. Mel, Rachel, Jenny and Ivy know all of their clients and not just by name. They know our strengths or injuries and with that knowledge, they adapt their classes for our needs; be that extensions for the basic movements or changing movement patterns to allow for injuries.


The instructors are professionalism personified with clearly planned sessions that are fun, different yet bloody hard! They push you yet encourage you every step of the way. I am very fortunate that my mate gave me the courage to come as now I am addicted! I think I may be a life-y!!!

Emily Colebourne

My journey began long before I even knew it myself. As a kid, I was morbidly obese. I didn’t realise this until I hit intermediate when others made me aware of it. At school as a teen, I weight in the 90kg - 100kg range. I had to find my own patterns to make in sewing classes because the patterns they provided didn’t go up to my size. Memories like these are what fuel my motivation to continue to maintain my healthy lifestyle I live now.

In my 20’s, I decided to loose weight. I did this by starving myself or throwing up what I did eat. I looked skinny-fat. I looked sick, but I didn’t know any other way of getting rid of the huge amount of weight I had to loose. Then, when I fell pregnant with my first baby, my body ballooned. I tipped the scales

at 112kg when I was hospitalised with pre-eclampsia. Looking back on photos, my face looked like it was about to explode. I ate at any given chance - I was hiding food in my teacher desk drawers and nibbling constantly. When my baby was born at 3.3kg I realised I had done a really destructive thing to my body. I lost about 15kg before I was pregnant with my son 2 and a half years later and although I didn’t put

on as much as I did with Mia, I still had 40kg to shed. 10 months after Ryder was born I got a call from LIttle Treasures Magazine.


They were after a few ladies to follow on their weight loss journey, how to fit in exercise and healthy eating whilst juggling a young family. This was the perfect platform to keep me accountable and on track - which I have learned is the most effective tool when loosing weight. I had to ‘check in’ every month and I had a photo shoot after 6 months to see the progress. This is where I also met Mel who was then working out of Contours. I met with her weekly for PT sessions and also developed an eating plan that fitted within my lifestyle. Measurements became more important than scales as I was building

muscle as well as loosing fat, so progress was seeing my measurements go down. Since that day in June 2012, I have lost 50kg and have been maintaining for over a year. This is a whole other journey that I am still working on daily. I still battle in my head and put a lot of my success down to constant support of family and friends around me. I love to motivate people and have helped lots of my friends jump into a healthy lifestyle. In fact, my husband and friends are joining me in Junk Free June this



I am really looking forward to helping Mel and the Peak for Life Team with adding more “chapters” to her “successful clients” novel.*

Rebecca Rose


Having reached 50 and experiencing a number of clients/associates who have experienced health issues (heart attacks, strokes, diabetes etc) I was looking for a way to get fit, lose the ‘table’, lose weight and in blunt terms not die! Having previously raced motocross and endures for many years, I found a 2 week off-road trip in North Queensland that had been on my to do list for many years – booked it with a mate to use as both the motivation and goal.

But then the hard part. 


Realizing that just joining a gym and/or trying to do my own thing fitness wise hadn’t worked in the past I contacted Peak for Life Fitness to see what they could do for me. After the initial assessment a program was put together and to be honest I couldn’t have asked for a better personal trainer in Rachael

- The initial assessment program set out the goals, provided nutritional advise etc and set up the PT sessions

- The initial sessions were hard (I don’t think I had sweated so much for years and had so sore muscles) but were designed by Rachael to work towards my goal, work up in intensity and make sure I came back

- One thing that does impress me is that Rachael gives 100% attention to you during the session –

you are her focus for the entire PT session

- One of her favourite questions at the beginning of sessions is ‘ do you want an easy session or to

be thrashed’ to which I always answer I’m not here for a good time

- Rachael’s attention during the sessions is one of keeping you going with ‘chatter’ to divert your

mind from the pain etc, constant encouragement to get through the various exercises whilst

ensuring you don’t blow out, keeping within your body’s limits (as it changes fitness wise) but

pushing enough towards the goal and as my body’s fitness changes

- The sessions have obviously been designed to work all of the muscles (which they certainly are)

but just as importantly to keep the interest/motivation up – the same old session each week can

obviously lead to boredom

- My first PT session with Rachael was on the 17 th of February and the upshot of this to date is

o 8.2kg lost

o 4 notches on the belt (all my suites/jeans etc now fall down without a belt and I’ll need

to replace most of my wardrobe thanks Rachael)

o Aprox 25 seconds quicker on the circuit run

o The motivation to exercise every single day (if I don’t the PT sessions with Rachael hurt


o A complete lifestyle change in terms of diet, exercise, alcohol consumption etc *

Paul Brown


I joined with Peak for Life in October 2015 last year, with a goal of losing weight, body fat and toning up. I have now lost 9kg, 8% kgs body fat. On top of this my VF has dropped, my metabolic age is 19 (actual 34), and I have lost 13cm off my waist! And it was actually easy!

With having 3 young kids and working full time my schedule is busy and previously I would make up excuses of why I didn’t have time to exercise,  The team at Peak for Life has kept my exercise schedule to only 2 classes per week and walk on the other days when I had time – so it was achievable!

The food was a big part for me, the knowledge Mel shared with me right from the beginning was crucial – it was small tweaks each week that made all the difference in my weight loss journey (and still tweaking) and on top of that she checked it every week & talked me through where I am going wrong – so I was accountable for everything I ate. *

Stacey Wigley


After having two very sickly babies which meant little or no sleep for the past three years, exercise was last on my list of 1000 things to do. 


Sadly that meant that i made no time for myself whatsoever and let my body go. Eating loads of sugar and processed food, was quick and easy energy but resulted in me feeling even more fatigued as well as having lost all self confidence.


When my two Mum friends suggested we did Personal Training I was not sold. I thought that i would dislike it the same way i hate going to the gym. How wrong I was?!!


Jenny picked me up instantly, motivating and encouraging me. I felt like a different person after the very first session! Having two other Friends for added support and fun, we are able to burn fat but relax all the while our little ones are safe and happy with us. 


Best thing I have ever done for myself. Rewarding myself with something that just keeps on rewarding.


Thank you for being better than sliced bread Jenny!

Mickey aka Mum but now a human being too.



I am the typical 48-year- old male that was living life like I was still 30. Peak for Life encouraged me to take a holistic view of my health and fitness. Accepting the fact that the two sessions a week, with the team, while a good start was not the answer. “I’ve had a workout so I can eat or drink that” With the support and encouragement of Melissa to incorporate food and regular exercise has meant a completely different look at my health and wellbeing. In January I was 93.5 Kg and had a “health age” of 43.


I took my food intake down markedly, taking out all sugar with the exception of raw sugar on my morning Weetbix. A chicken or ham wrap for lunch with a banana and 2 “bliss balls” for morning and afternoon tea. Dinner was as per normal however smaller portions with nothing after. Week 2 was the hardest, I found myself lacking energy as my body adjusted. I got through this and with Mel’s support by February I found I was not wanting any more than what I was having. When dining out I would have a glass of wine or beer, however half the plate of food would be left uneaten, as my stomach had



Combining a daily 45-minute walk, with the Peak for Life workout sessions twice a week with a good bunch of blokes Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. After 12 weeks I had lost 13.2Kg’s and reduced my “health age” to 31. On the 30 th March 2015 my Chol/HDL ratio was 6.1. The recommended level is <4.5. On the 23 rd March 2016 that ratio was 3.5. Overall it has been a change for my wellbeing. All thanks to the Melissa and the team at Peak for Life.

Brian Funnell


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