We are a small private personal training and group fitness studio based in Sunnyhills and Howick. Because of our size, we pride ourselves on knowing our clients well, and we are motivated and committed to helping each and every client reach their goals. But we are more than just trainers and clients, we are a community of friendly and fun-loving people who celebrate each other's success, and just enjoy getting fit together, so we can be fit for life. 

Training & Services

Peak for Life offers a wide range of; Small Group training, Personal training and Pod (2-3 people) training. Find out how to get the best health, energy and fitness out of every stage of life!

Nutrition Services

Want to make better nutrition choices don't know here to start? find out more about the nutrition services we offer!

Where to start

Want to begin your health and fitness journey? Contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Getting Started...

Foundation Class (FC) is a mix of weights, boxing, core and stretching at a slower pace. Strength & Stretch (SS) is an instructed class with an emphasis on technique. We also offer Pilates (P) and Stretch (STR).

...Moderate to Advance Training:

Women’s Conditioning (WC) and Men’s Conditioning (MC) are great, challenging sessions designed to improve or maintain fitness and strength. Interval Training (IT) is a mix of indoor cycling (spin), boxing and running and body weight. Bootcamps will give you a mix of everything!

hello@peakforlife.co.nz | 027 536 6037 | 6 Oleander Point, Sunnyhills 

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