We go beyond just ensuring our group training is varied, safe and challenging. We provide the full package of health with nutrition workshops every three months, monitoring our clients through optional three-monthly goals, body composition evaluations, and fitness testing. We also provide in-house fitness challenges or nutrition challenges. There is so much motivation to keep people on track and consistent with their health. 


How YOU will benefit:

- A healthy lifestyle will make you feel great and look fantastic

- Get your energy levels up to tip-top shape

- Get fit and strong to take on all that life has to challenge you with 

Nutrition Coachin
Group Fitness @ Peak for Life
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Nutrition Coaching
Group Fitness
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Time to get serious about your weight? energy levels? healthy Try our Nutrition Coaching programme...

Training in a group you save money, work harder and have more fun with like-minded people! There is a group for everyone from kids, over 60's and even the husbands...

Have a goal that you want to personally work on? Whether it be to loose weight, gain strength, fitness or rehab we tailor it to your needs. We offer one-on-one, partner or POD training...

Feeling sore, tired, injured then getting a sports massage will help you to loosen up, perform better and also detoxify the body to rid it of toxins that drain energy and hold fat stores... | 027 536 6037 | 6 Oleander Point, Sunnyhills 

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