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6 Top Tips for Better Gym Technique… how Peak for Life can help

For first timers starting an exercise programme the normal run of the mill gym can be an intimidating place. Peak for Life Fitness Studio can help. At Peak for Life we take the time, attention and care to ensure that you understand exercises and movements. Here are our top tips to get the most out of your programme:

1) Warm-up and cool down for 8mins. Spending time preparing yourself for exercise can at times seem laborious. However the importance has been well documented, 8mins of movement can maximise the postive impacts of your training programme. Taking the opportunity to cool down at the end of class also assists in preparation for the next session and reducing the impact of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Our group classes at Peak for Life incorporate warm-up and cool down. Alternatively, why not try walking to the gym along the beautiful Rotary path?

2) Focus on form not weight. There is great importance attached to executing movements in the correct plane of motion. Poor technique can work against your goals. By aligning correctly and ensuring smooth movements the gains can be enhanced. Our Peak for Life trainers are trained to understand the best techniques for maximum effect. Whilst technique points are key to our small group classes we also encourage personal training to understand what muscle groups you are working and why.

3) Pay attention to your breathing. Exhaling as you work against resistance and inhaling as you release gives you more control. The use of the diaphyram beneath the lungs is essential! Correct breathing technique has also be found to be a key contributor to strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

4) Keep challenging your muscles. Slowly increase training load by increasing the training load (e.g. weight, intensity, frequency...)or changing up your exercise. Our trainers will be monitoring your progress to ensure you improve and are consistently challenge- every class is different!

5) Stick to a routine. Adopt our motto this term and ‘Give yourself time’. Develop a pattern or rhythm that you canstick to it and becomes the norm. I once heard that it takes 6 weeks to make something a routine and only 3 weeks to break it- be consistent!

6) Recover and give your muscles time off. Training is important but so too is recovery. Strength training causes micro tears. These are perfectly harmless but require time to repair. The time can be around 48hrs before you can push them hard again. come along to a stretch class or book a Sports massage to speed your recover and reduce those aches and pains to prepare you to go again.

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