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The 4 Benefits of Spin at Peak for Life

Indoor cycling or ‘spin’ as it is affectionately known as among our regulars at Peak for life is a great addition to anyones regular fitness programme for so many reasons. We are fortunate to be able to offer 9 indoor spin bikes at our facility. Read on to find out why we think it is a good idea to 'Peak for Life' with spin...

1) Spin can be added safely to majority of daily fitness routines.

Aerobic activity is essential for weight loss. Few activities accessible to the general population carry as little injury risk as indoor cycling. The non-weight bearing nature allows it to be possible to be carried out every day. Other activities such as running can require 24-48hrs off in between. You don’t event need to be able to balance on a bike!

2) Enhance your fitness with spin.

Cycling recognised as a great way to see your Vo2 max improve, the maximum amount of oxygen that can be used by the body. In addition, the enhancement of aerobic fitness boosts the body’s ability to recover from daily bouts of exercise, further enabling you to burn more higher calorific values. Jumping on that bike and doing some work can get you well on your way to your health goals.

3) Spin is a great social activity

Being able to work at your own pace yet still have the social support of a group on your journey is certainly a real plus and brings that added element of fun. Did you know that we can offer private, POD or partner classes? With a great spin instructor, like those we have at Peak for Life, the class can be brought to life. There are many interesting conversations...

4) Avoid the dangers of the road and weather

Driving in Auckland is hazardous enough without challenging another road users ability to avoid cyclists! Given the recent wet weather and humidity, spin is a much safer idea! We offer an air conditioned facility undercover

Peak Action Points:

  • Get some of your friends or best training partners together and consider a Private class (4+ people), a POD (3+) or even Partner training on the spin bikes. Click here to enquire.

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