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4 Ways to Motivate Yourself...be part of the Peak for Life Community

My wife and I are motivated entirely different. I must have an event to aim for with my training or I run the risk of ramming myself into the ground. However, being married to a personal trainer has taught me a lot.

Step 1: Be positive…consult a personal trainer

Heading to the gym after a long day at work is tough. In my past endurance events there are times I’ve felt like giving up. When you are feeling at your least optimistic, reflect back on how far you have come. I set myself milestones, get myself over half way and I know I will complete the session. The Peak for Life personal trainers are there to remind you why you are there and of the progress you have made. Ask them to help you monitor the progress. Take every opportunity to celebrate your success however small. We love hearing your success stories and sometimes sharing those stories is what helps keep other people on track. Small wins have a cumulative effect, use this to inspire joy in your programme.

Step 2: Be Rewarded… try sports massage

When I’ve worked hard all week my favourite time is recovery, the day when I don’t have to feel guilty. For once the to-do-list seems that little bit smaller. Set some goals with your personal trainer and decide on what the reward will be. For some of us, there is a holiday or vacation in site. For others, a relaxing Sports Massage is all that is required. Remember that rewards should still contribute where possible, to your result.

Step 3: Utilise Peer Pressure… try our group fitness and join our Peak challenges

I spend time on my road bike pounding out the kilometres. The daily grind can take its toll mentally and with some bad weather it becomes too easy to find something else less productive to do. I often ride for an hour before joining a ‘bunch’ ride to extend my training on long days. Training with others reduces the likelihood of dropping out. At Peak for Life we are proud of our like-minded community of individuals. Your training partners become your peers.

Peak Points for Action:

1. Bring a positive attitude…no matter what the weather

2. Support those around you by committing to a group programme. Check out our group timetable here.

3. Take up one of our ‘Peak’ challenges. Why not join our Couch to 5k running challenge by clicking here?

4. Set goals with your personal trainer by signing up here

5. Reward yourself with a relaxing sports massage for that hard work. Get in touch with Paul by clicking here.

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