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Give Yourself Time... at Peak for Life

Too often we rush to grow and then we get there and wish time would slow down! If there is just one thing I wish we had more of this year, it would be time.

Fascinated by the butterflies in our back garden, attracted by the swan plants, I was reminded of how beautiful things take time. Becoming a better person both inside and out requires time.

The caterpillar works its way around the plants, eating the right food and staying active. When the time is right he/she forms a chrysalis and the hard work pays off for all to see.

We want to encourage you this year to take a little time for yourself and commit to getting involved in a Peak for life project this year. We have small group fitness each week with our clever trainers always finding a new way to workout and use the equipment. For those who have more specific needs we offer personal training to make your time more effective. More recently I have been delivering Sports Massage to keep many our clients on track with their exercise regimes. We regularly give back to the community with our fundraising efforts, last year supporting children at Christmas with books.

As a parting note, many of us will realise sometimes of the day are more productive than others. Ensure you rope off ‘ýour’ special time of the day that you have set aside for your physical and mental well being.

Our Summer 2018 Term motto here at Peak for Life

Action points:

1.       Rope off time for yourself

2.       Commit to joining the group fitness programme and schedule into your diary. Click here to see our timetable and classes.

3.       Click here to boost your progress and add personal training programme at Peak for Life

4.       Take up a ‘Peak’ challenge. Why not join our couch to 5K programme by clicking here?

5.       Give yourself time to recover mentally and physically

6.       Help us give back to the community this term

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