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Boosting your immunity

It is a good idea to prepare yourself during the autumn season for the cooler times, to avoid contracting a common viral or bacterial infection. or even worse a mild upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) which may lead to secondary bacterial bronchitis that can take up to 6-8 weeks to recovery from. below are some tips to support your immune system and also supplements to use when there maybe a onset of a cold or flu.

1. Getting into good sleeping patterns, by avoiding back light one hour before sleep and get at least 7 hours daily. It helps to regenerate your body cells and repair it.
2. Get fit, not just walking fit, but getting that heart rate up with interval training and weight training. This will help to increase the blood cell count.
3. Stay hydrated, every hour drink 250ml of water or so your pee is pale yellow. to flush out toxins.
4. Limit eating foods that are very acidic; sugar, processed foods, red meat, alcohol, caffeine, white-floured products.
5. Get out in the sun, during your lunch break get outside and show abit of skin for 20 minutes. Increase Vitamin D levels which boosts your immunity and mood.
Here are a few essential food options:
Avocado smash and poached eggs, chicken broth, berry and spinach smoothie, almond cookies, bok choy, olive oil and garlic.

Avocado Smash

Chicken Broth

Zinc, garlic, eggs, avocado, and probiotics Every day Keeps the Bugs Away (prevention)

It is easy to overlook basic nutritional needs and the impact that a simple nutritional deficiency can have on your patient’s immune health. Zinc deficiency affects many aspects of immunity, such as reducing antibody production and natural killer (NK) cell activity.1 The ability of zinc

supplements to correct deficiency is determined by the form, as the form of zinc is critical to its bioavailability. Zinc sulphate is highly soluble making it more bioavailable than some other forms of zinc.2 Zinc supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in both children and adults. In a randomised controlled trial, 200 healthy children received prophylactic zinc sulphate (providing 15 mg of elemental zinc), or a placebo, for seven months. At the end of the trial, the children administered zinc had significantly fewer colds and cold related school absenteeism.3 Similar results were seen in another randomised controlled trial on United States Air Force Academy cadets who reported a significantly lower incidence of URTIs after receiving 15 mg of elemental zinc each day for seven months when compared to the placebo group.4 Zinc with Vitamin C Powder provides therapeutic levels of zinc with additional nutrients such as vitamin C and betacarotene, for the ultimate nutritional combination for prophylactic and acute immune support.

Andrographis and Elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D, apple cidar vinegar to the Rescue (acute)

If you succumb to a winter infection, help provide acute symptomatic relief and reduce sick days with herbal medicine. Andrographis paniculata at a 6.0 g daily dose has been shown to be as effective as paracetamol at reducing fever and sore throat.5 A double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrated that Sambucus nigra (elderberry) extract significantly reduced flu-like symptoms within two days, compared to six days for placebo, with a complete cure rate achieved in 90% of patients within two to three days, compared with six days in the placebo group.6 NK Cell Regulation contains extracts of both andrographis and elderflower, to stimulate the immune response and provide symptomatic relief for your patients, reducing the impact an acute infection will have on their lives.

Stimulate with Mushrooms (keeps repeating)

If you experience recurrent infections and have lowered immune function then medicinal mushrooms can help stimulate and support their immune system. Medicinal mushrooms have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For example, Cordyceps sinensis is used in TCM to strengthen the immune system and manage respiratory disorders. It has also been used as an antiviral, an antibacterial and to dislodge phlegm. 7,8 What the Chinese have observed for centuries, modern science can now explain in biochemical terms. Cordyceps act as an immune stimulant by producing a significant increase in the ratio of T-helper (Th) to T-suppressor (Ts) cells.9 Th cells play an important role in the immune system, providing help to other immune system cells by releasing T cell cytokines. Ts cells reduce immune system activity after the initial immune activation response.Lentinula edodes (shiitake) is another medicinal mushroom with a long history of use in TCM. Shiitake is traditionally used for diseases involving depressed immune function including latent infections and frequent colds and flu. Shiitake’s primary polysaccharide, lentinan, has been shown to increase resistance against infections from bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.10 Cordyceps, Coriolus and Reishi for Immune Stimulation provides high quantities of four powerful medicinal mushrooms to stimulate the immune system of patients with lowered immune function or those that have experienced recurrent infections.

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