• Peak For Life Team

5 facts to benefit your life

1. Activated nuts are trending at the moment, these are soaked nuts that fans say increase nutritional value and breakdown a compound called phytate. There is not enough science research to back this up, as phytate is questioned is it really a problem as we would need to be eating a lot to impact our health. Phytate is also a known antioxidant, thus benefiting cancer and inflammation in the body. 2. Probiotics are an important nutrient to have daily, as they help boost the number of good bacteria in the gut, support the immune system and reduce heavy metals in the body. Examples; yogurt with live culture, miso, tempeh, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and probiotic supplements. 3. 3-6hr gaps between your meals, it takes 3hours to break down carbohydrates after a meal, then it starts to breakdown the fat in the meal. Therefore by having a balanced meal with good fats, proteins and fiber. You shouldn't feel hungry for at least 4hrs. Thus your body would be able to breakdown the food properly and avoid storing it as fat. 4. Coffee is good in small doses unless you have the coffee recessive gene, you will know by having heightened symptoms of heart palpitations, anxiety and anger. 3-4 shots of organic coffee beans brewed a day in the recommended amount, try avoid the sugar, processed coffee mixtures and excessive amounts as it is acidic therefore can increase inflammation. 5. A greater need for reducing inflammation in the body. Processed foods, sugar, alcohol, chemicals, pesticides, toxins, stress is at its highest. Which only means an increase in free radicals. The more free radicals we have the greater risk of stiffness, fatigue, cancer, autoimmune disease, and the list goes on. Thus by making 90% of food from scratch, change your taste buds to bitter instead of sweet, alcohol occasionally, reducing the toxins around us with the cleaning products, body products and gardening products. By being awhere of our stress levels and learning how to reduce them and cope with them, we can help the body feel on top all the time. You shouldn't have to live stiff, sore and tired all the time.

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