"Having one on one training we are able to focus on specific strengthening and toning exercises which best suit me. I have also noticed my level of fitness has improved rapidly from these personal sessions.

Gillian Westbrooke"

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Personal training sessions are available with Peak For Life to encourage and allow clients to work at their own pace, at their own time and specific to their goals. If you have unique goals, prefer one to one training, have limited time availability or you're managing an injury; Personal Training is for you! Feel free to contact us for more information, to go over your unique situation and preferences, and we can match you with a trainer.

"When I saw Melissa, she set me up with an eating plan and advised me to start with one Personal training session with Rachel and two classes, and also attending the Down Size me classes on a Monday.  I have continued to do this since February and I am excited to say that I have now lost 13kgs and still losing.


Both Melissa and Rachel have been so encouraging and helped me when I reached a plateau and got discouraged, they would both  change what I was doing, until I saw results again. I can honestly say that without the encouragement and help from both of them, I would have given up yet again, but today I’m feeling healthy, eating well and I’m finally not hungry all the time!  It hasn’t been easy but to finally see results from my hard work is truly amazing," 


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