Nutrition 1-2-1 Coaching 


"In order for a wellness programme to work there needs to be a shift in the environment and culture, you spend most of your awaking hours at work. Creating a life that matters wellness needs to be infused in every aspect of business" Laura Patnam

"To transform a life, we only need to think and behave a little differently each day"
Our Nutrition Coach is trained to gather background information, take measurements and develop food plans to meet your personal goals.
We will keep you accountable with regular measurements and follow-ups. Take control of your health and well being and try our 45-minute initial consultation.

Only $129 for initial 1-2-1 consultation

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"Want to make better nutrition choices? Don't know where to start?"

We offer 1-2-1 nutrition- habit- coaching -sessions if you are in need of a nutrition overhaul. We will provide meal planning suited to your needs, recipe and snack ideas and food substitutes to support your individual health goals.  

We also run 'Move & Measure' sessions available to purchase in blocks of 6 or 10. These are 15-minute review sessions, to be used at your own discretion. During the session there is an opportunity to complete full measurements including fat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic age, and visceral fat. Sessions will also involve accountability and a review of nutrition and training habits or questions to further the pursuit of your individual goals. | 027 536 6037 | 6 Oleander Point, Sunnyhills 

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