Do you want to workout and have fun with like-minded people, while achieving your health and fitness goals?

Are you are working towards a specific goal, wanting to maintain your fitness and strength, or just want to join a community of hard-working and friendly people? Then Peak for Life has the group fitness class for you. Classes range from a Game Changers class for teenagers, to FoundationFit for the over 60’s and everyone in-between. We offer strength-based, cardio-based, Bootcamp, Spin, and Yoga, to cater for all fitness levels, and with varying class times, you can train when it suits you.

Benefits of Group Fitness Training:

  • Inspiration from like-minded people in your class

  • Motivation from others by your side

  • Holds you accountable to turn up to class

  • Increases your commitment and creates a structure for your fitness routine

  • Diversifies your workouts, so you don’t get bored of doing the same exercises over and over

  • Supportive, friendly and fun environment

  • Become a part of the Peak for Life Community

Group Fitness Classes:
Peak circle Body Fit.png
BodyFit incorporates functional interval training into a 45minute sweat session to improve overall cardiovascular fitness. With a variety of bodyweight exercises, the use of machines and plyometric training, you will get your heart rate up and burn calories in these classes.
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Peak circle Strength Fit.png
StrengthFit is a 45minute class based on increasing functional strength through resistance and conditioning training. With the incorporation of weights, you will get a full body workout, targeting all major muscles groups to tone and build lean muscle.
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Peak Spin FIT.png
Spin is a high intensity but low impact 45min workout, that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, stamina and endurance. Using the indoor stationary bikes, spin will have you burning calories and boosting your energy, through sprints and hills. 
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Peak Crux FIT.png
CruxFit is all about core, back, and booty. This 45minute class will improve your overall strength and stability by working your back, abdomen and glutes. The crux of all fitness is a strong core.
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Peak Foundation FIT.png
FoundationFit is an all-round class that builds strength and cardiovascular fitness at your own pace. It is the perfect place to start, if you are new to group fitness, and is a foundation building class for the over 60’s.
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Peak Boot Camp.png
Bootcamp is a combination of the best exercises from the week, to create a cardio and strength mix, with new, fun and challenging exercises. Improving your cardiovascular fitness and functional strength, our Saturday Bootcamp is the perfect start to your weekend.
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Peak YOGA.png
Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga flows one posture to the next through breath. Our 45minute Yoga class will help you develop a balanced body and leave you feeling clam and centered. 
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Peak Game Changer.png
Game Changers is a 45minute class designed for improving strength and cardiovascular fitness for 10-14year olds. If you are looking to get fit or be match ready for your sporting season, these classes will change your game.
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Peak Miss FIT.png
MissFit is a new girls only programme for 13-17year olds, that aims to build fitness and body confidence. These 45minute classes will teach you the correct technique in a fun and engaging environment.
Peak Run FIT.jpg
Specific run focused training to kick start your run journey, or to increase your current run speed. Sessions will focus on hill, sprint and distance training with the goal of competing in upcoming events - 5km and 10km.
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